Our vision: Farms are enabled to be environmentally and economically sustainable.

With a clear ambition to support sustainability in farming, at Overseer Limited we use a development process that has our customers at the centre of our thinking - New Zealand farmers and growers; and the rural professionals who support them. 

We use an agile approach in the development of Overseer - continually working on the software and the underlying science model to improve how it delivers information. Overseer has evolved from an implemented science model into a dynamic, service driven business. You can see what we are working on in our development backlog.

2019-05-27 Overseer Development Backlog (PDF 540KB) 

Our roadmap sets out our current priorities across three horizons – building our core business, identifying emerging opportunities and next generation Overseer. This roadmap will be regularly updated as we engage with our customers and stakeholders and new opportunities arise.