Overseer is part of a strong and innovative industry that is moving rapidly to understand and support uptake of innovation on farm for sustainability. Value-add opportunities and ideas on how Overseer can meet the wide range of user needs come from a variety of sources including our customers and stakeholders, independent science projects, model reviews, and innovators of farm technologies.

To determine what goes onto our Roadmap, Overseer Limited assess opportunities against four broad areas:

  1. strategic fit with – Overseer’s vision, stakeholder business priorities, national science investment priorities
  2. potential impacts – benefits to New Zealand, enabling fast track on-farm innovation, supporting behavioural change 
  3. resource implications – capability and capacity, financial cost/benefit
  4. risks – farms’ licence to operate, reputational.

As a company we are focused on delivering a software service that supports farms to be sustainable, we welcome a continuous dialogue on our priorities and engagement in our development programme.