OverseerFM - farm specific analyses because every farm is different

In June 2018, Overseer Limited launched our game changing software. The new software is significantly easier and more intuitive to use. It enables farmers to be in control of their farm data and be more connected to the benefits of using nutrient modelling to support farm management planning. The real value from Overseer comes when it is used to support decisions about farm management that enable meaningful change on farm.

It's our belief that farm data belongs to the farmer, so permission to access a farm account is granted by the farm account owner and only one subscription is required per farm account per year. OverseerFM is available under subscription for $200 plus GST per year per farm account. 

Sign-up or login to OverseerFM here

How Overseer is funded

Overseer requires ongoing investment to add new mitigations and farm management innovations and to keep up with the latest science thinking. Coupled with the $5M funding provided by the Government in their May 2018 Budget, the subscription charge will enable us to further develop Overseer to meet users’ needs through improved user support, software and science development. Download the December 2018 pricing announcement here

Pricing information

  • The subscription is applied to a Farm Account
  • The subscription is for 12 months from the date of payment and does not auto-renew
  • The price is $200 plus GST
  • Once a subscription is paid, all users with access to the farm account (based on permissions set by the farm account owner) can use the farm account to create analyses.
  • Anyone (with access to the farm account) can pay the subscription
  • The subscription enables full use of available functionality
A Farm Account holds all the analyses for a farm. There should be only one farm account per farm and the farm account owner should be the farmer or farm manager of that farm. The farm account owner gives permission for others to access the farm account. For more information on farm accounts and farm account access permissions please see our comprehensive User Guide.

OverseerFM is more user friendly

  • OverseerFM enables farmers and their advisers to understand how they can make meaningful changes in farm management and continually innovate for better performance and sustainability.
  • OverseerFM saves time by making it easier to enter and share data. Time savings from using OverseerFM have been calculated at 3 – 5 hours depending on the complexity of the farm system.
  • Intuitive data entry options and summary screens allow farmers to engage with overseer modelling results, ensuring the benefits of nutrient modelling can be maximised.

What can I use OverseerFM for?

  • To assess different management options on farm
  • To inform your Farm Environment Plan
  • Track changes over time
  • To send compliance information to Regional Councils, Dairy Companies, Irrigation Schemes.

What insights can farmers and their advisers get from OverseerFM?

  • What management areas on your farm are likely to be leaching more and how that relates to your total farm losses
  • The greenhouse gas emissions being generated on your farm and the carbon footprint for your products
  • The likely impacts on leaching and greenhouse gas emissions of changes in farm management practices, introduction of mitigations and changes in farm enterprises.
  • How farm emissions are tracking over time as different management options and mitigations are implemented
  • What nutrients are required to maintain soil fertility based on existing production levels
  • What area is recommended for effluent application (for farms with effluent systems).

Sign-up for OverseerFM

To sign-up, go to fm.overseer.org.nz, where you'll find a user guide to help you through the process. The use of OverseerFM is subject to new Terms of Use and a Privacy Policy, which you will be asked to read and accept.
Every farm is different so the right solution will also be different for each farm. Overseer allows farmers and their advisers to look at the right options for their farm.
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Who pays the subscription?

Anyone who has access to the farm account (either because they created it or because access has been granted to them from the farm account owner) can pay the subscription charge. Subscription payments are not restricted to farm account ownership. Once a farm account subscription has been paid, it gives all users who have access to that farm account the ability to run analyses for that farm. This is designed to maximise the use (and therefore benefits) of OverseerFM.

How do I pay the subscription fee?

Subscriptions will be able to be paid within the OverseerFM software through a secure credit card transaction. Overseer Limited will not be invoicing farm account owners. Find out more in the OverseerFM user guide.

What happens to the Farm Account data if the subscription expires?

The subscription does not automatically renew after a year. A message will display in the software that the subscription needs to be paid once the subscription period has expired. All the Farm Account data will remain stored in our system until the subscription is paid. All published analyses will continue to be available for a farm account, however running new analyses will only be possible once the subscription is paid.

What about when I have to provide budgets to the council?

OverseerFM allows users to publish a specific analysis to the council for them to review via their OverseerFM dashboard. This provides a secure and traceable process for submitting budget analyses to councils. The Farm Account holds a record of what analyses have been published to whom. You need to check with your council if they are ready to accept an OverseerFM publication. We know Horizons are but ECan need some time to get their Farm Portal connected to FM so they aren’t ready quite yet, they will let you know when they are.