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This page has the user guides, the Best Practice Data Input Standards, and the release notes that users need to get the most out of Overseer and deliver good-quality model results. 
If you are still using the legacy OVERSEER Nutrient Budgets software, you can find additional resources for this at the bottom of the page. 

OverseerFM User Guide (link to OverseerFM) 

The OverseerFM user guide can be downloaded once you've logged in to OverseerFM. It contains comprehensive information about using OverseerFM. If you have not yet registered, this is free. See the fact sheets below on how to register.

These fact sheets and user help videos will provide you with more detailed information on the following topics:

How do I register for OverseerFM?
Guide to Registration for OverseerFM (PDF)
OverseerFM registration guide (video 2 min)

What is a Farm Account in OverseerFM?
Guide to Farm Accounts in OverseerFM (PDF)
OverseerFM Farm Accounts (video 2.45 min)

How do I manage user permissions in OverseerFM?
Guide to managing permissions in OverseerFM (PDF)

What is an organisation in OverseerFM?
Managing your organisation in OverseerFM (video 2.11 min)

How to upload XML files from legacy Overseer software into OverseerFM
Uploading XML files into OverseerFM (video 2.22 min)

Best Practice Data Input Standards

Data input choices can have a significant impact on a farm analysis, so we've provided a 'Best Practice' standard, developed by experts to guide users.
The standard does not prescribe input information, but is a benchmark for quality assurance. 

This Best Practice Data Input Standard is based on the legacy OVERSEER Nutrient Budgets v. 6.3.0 Overseer Best Practice Data Input Standards v 6.3.0
Data quality choices will be available for OverseerFM in the User Guide.

The standards are no longer updated and all Best Practice guidance is now included in the OverseerFM User Guide which you can download from OverseerFM

Release Notes

Release Notes are a list of the changes included in the version being released. They are not a use guide, but let the user know how the new version is different to the previous one.

Release Notes for version 6.3.0 - March 2018

Release Notes v6.2.3.pdf - November 2016

Release notes for version 6.2.2  - May 2016

Release notes for version 6.2.1 - December 2015

Release notes for version 6.2.0 - April 2015

Release notes for version 6.1.3 - August 2014

Release notes v6.0 part 1 - August 2012

Release notes v6.0 part 2 - August 2012

Legacy OVERSEER Nutrient Budgets information 

User Guides

NZ Pork Outdoor pigs user guide - a guide created by NZ Pork for use of the Outdoor Pigs model

Defoliation of annual ryegrass, pasture and seed crops User Guide - March 2018 - this User Guide provides an explanation of the changes to annual ryegrass, seed crops, and permanent pasture in crop blocks.
Animal Report User Guide - May 2016 - a guide for use of the animal reports in OVERSEER and how they can help.
Definition of Terms in the Nutrient Budget - updated May 2016 - a summary of the terms in the OVERSEER Nutrient Budget Reports (previously Technical Note 6)

Crop input guidelines for Overseer - June 2013 - a report prepared for the Foundation for Arable Research.  Please note that the Best Practice Data Input Standards are the agreed standard for determining input data for all farm types. Recommendations in this report should be checked against the Standards.